People Process and Technology

A Robust Cyber Security

Cyber security readiness requires people, processes and technology working effectively together to protect organisations against cyber attacks. These three essential elements provide a robust defence against internal and external risks, threats and vulnerabilities.


A Comprehensive Approach


People are often the origin of the greatest risks to cyber security, usually through inadvertent action or inaction, but also sometimes through deliberate malicious intent. Cyber security training and awareness are key to reducing people-related cyber security incidents.


Processes provide a structured, tested, repeatable and reliable way to perform tasks. They help to reduce mistakes that people may make and increase the consistency of actions performed. This increased reliability of activities is central to a well-managed IT environment and crucial for good cyber security.


Technology can monitor and detect many cyber security events. It can make responding to cyber security incidents much faster and a full recovery much easier. Appropriate technology enhances an organisation’s defences and protection against cyber attacks.

Cyber Security Protect Initiative

How we help

Cyber Security Business Connect & Protect initiative

Real World’s Cyber Security Business Connect and Protect Initiative is a part of a Federal Government backed program to provide NFPs and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with resources and training to raise awareness of cyber security risks and promote action to address these risks.

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