Cyber security is a primary business risk that demands a comprehensive Board and Executive focus.

To ensure that businesses continue to grow sustainably, Boards and Directors must be able to understand and address cyber challenges, opportunities and risks.

Our Board and executive training will educate your board and executive about your organisation’s real and immediate cyber security risks.

The training sessions are interactive sessions using real-life case studies to help your board understand cyber risks in your environment, and explore how an organisation would respond to a cyber security attack.

Training Room


A greater understanding of the organisational risks of a cyber attack

Understanding of the board’s readiness to respond to a cyber attack

Action items for improving the organisation’s cyber readiness

Guidance on a board’s responsibility regarding cyber security


Board training session are 1 hour, 3 hour or 5 hours depending on the scope and content explored

Training can be delivered in-person or via Zoom

Slides, course-notes and resources are provided


Board Training sessions start at $1200.

Contact our team to discuss how we can tailor a training session for your organisation.