Our network

We operate our own network primarily across the east coast of Australia but extending to nation wide in 2016. This allows us to tightly control quality of service for services we have on-net by classifying, queuing and scheduling our traffic to suit various applications such as voice, cloud compute, and internet access.

Our IP transit, Ethernet termination, voice, and cloud compute services are available for interconnection in each of the below locations. Please note all of our services are also available for private interconnect across Megaport and also IX Australia (WAIA) ports on the east coast.


Data Centre locations (POPs)

  • NSW
    • NextDC S1
    • GlobalSwitch SY1
    • Equinix SY1 (SY2 and SY3 available by cross connect)
    • Interactive St Leonards
    • Enterprise Data Corp (Vocus) Bella Vista
    • Fujitsu North Ryde
  • Victoria
    • NextDC M1
    • Equinix ME1 (Coming soon)
  • ACT
    • NextDC C1
    • TransACT
  • Queensland
    • NextDC B1
    • Polaris (Coming soon)
  • Northern Territory
    • Secure Data Centre
  • South Australia
    • ColoCity (Coming soon)
  • Western Australia
    • NextDC P1 (Coming soon)

Network Statistics

Real World publishes network statistics for the previous 30 days on our service status page. These statistics are collected externally for maximum transparency.

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