VOIP Trunking over SIP

Cost effective call termination with full business-grade call quality.


Our Voice over IP service is engineered from the ground up to provide high quality, carrier-grade call termination and origination within Australia and New Zealand. This expertly crafted platform supports any standards compliant IP PBX or soft-switch environment, with flexible call routing options, fax support, full number porting and IPND integration within Australia.


Key Features
  • Support for any SIP UDP or TCP standards compliant system
  • Business quality, carrier-grade call termination supporting G729a or G711a codecs
  • Optional TLS support for secured media transport
  • Single, 10, 50 and 100 number ranges available within Australia and New Zealand
  • Full number portability within Australia and New Zealand
  • Competitive call rates with flexible routing and billing options
  • Daily and Monthly CDRs available by web portal or FTP
  • 13, 1300 and 1800 number termination
  • Expert support, service and implementation advice from our specialised team



  • Redundant, fully managed infrastructure supported 24 hours per day, 365 per year by our Network Operations Centre
  • Connection via direct data centre connection, business grade internet or public internet
  • Points of Presence in Global Switch Sydney, Equinix Sydney and Pipe DC3 Brisbane
  • Redundant SIP and IAX2 infrastructure
  • Support for G711a and G729a/b audio codecs and in-band fax
  • RFC 2833 and SIP INFO DTMF support
  • Dynamic acoustic echo cancellation
  • Integrated Fax-to-Email for inbound faxing





The infrastructure is monitored 24 hours per day, 7 days per week to ensure that your calls can always be made and answered, and supports transparent failover to another number if your IP PBX system becomes unavailable.



Reliable, high quality voice calls indistinguishable from traditional Telstra lines when bundled with our business grade internet services or a direct data centre interconnect.



Flexible purchasing options with unlimited voice channels per number range or in 10 channel blocks.

Cost Effective


SIP or IAX2 voice termination available supporting a wide range of IP PBX systems including Digium Asterisk, Cisco, SwitchVox, Mitel and more.

Reduced Call Costs


Dramatic cost savings compared with traditional telephone solutions, with unlimited potential for expansion to meet growing business needs with no up front costs.

Low Entry Costs


Port your existing phone numbers from any major telecommunications carrier to our infrastructure and enjoy the benefits of full VoIP connectivity.