CloudPBX is Real World’s next generation telecommunications platform, connecting employees, customers and suppliers to the Australian Telephone network.

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Business Voice Solutions

With a full range of business voice solutions including SIP trunking, PSTN, ISDN2 and CloudPBX solutions, Real World tailors voice solutions for our customers.

Real World has built a business grade VoIP and data network designed specifically for the needs of SMB through to medium sized enterprise. From a hosted PBX, ISDN over IP or onsite managed PBX these systems are flexible and can significantly reduce the call costs of your business.


Increase your flexibility

Lower your costs

Benefit from experience

  • Easily extend to remote sites or locations
  • Move your numbers with your business
  • Easily expand nationally
  • Hosted or on site model
  • Highly flexible and easy to use Thirdlane PBX system

  • Number of simultaneous calls limited only by bandwidth
  • Cheaper calls with “national is local” dialing
  • Reduced charges on 1300 or 1800 inbound numbers
  • No hidden additional licence fees for features on phone system
  • Customers typically see 40 – 60% savings in bills

  • Created by people that know VoIP
  • Over 8 years commercial experience in IP Telephony
  • High grade network and core infrastructure
  • Intentionally designed redundancy, including traditional phone networks