CloudPBX IP Phone – Whitelabel

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our White Label IP Phone for CloudPBX or CloudPBX compatible systems. The IP Phone Application provides an iOS and Android Based application with a full set of features such as:

  • Push Notifications for incoming calls
  • g729 Codec Support
  • Auto-provisioning using email or other parameters
  • Branded user experience, including company logo and links to application help
  • TLS signalling encryption

The following fees and Charges apply to the IP Phone Client (excluding GST)

  • iOS and Android Branding Release (customer supplied artwork) $5000.00
  • Artwork Fee (if Real World Develops Artwork) $1000.00
  • Push Notification Server Release $500.00
  • Provisioning Server $1500.00
  • Thirdlane Provisioning Integration $2000.00

Monthly Subscription License

  • Unlimited Users $600.00
  • SMS Auto Provisioning Notifications $0.20 per message