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What is Cyber Security?

What is Cyber Security, and what does it mean for your business? Almost every company aims to protect their data and systems from threats. But through the years the threat landscape continues to change, the use of IT and cloud systems has grown, and the use of technology has evolved across our community. Because of this, we need resilient, aware, and sustainable cyber security practices.

Real World takes the risk of cyber security seriously and cares as much about your data and systems as you. Our experienced and qualified team of engineers will take the time to understand your business needs and IT environment to ensure a cyber security strategy and solution that meets your individual needs.

Common Obstacles on the Path to Cyber Security

No budget? 

For many small enterprises and organisations, there is no budget for dedicated IT resources, let alone security personnel. But that doesn’t mean the need for technology services stays small. 

As cloud resources and systems grow, challenges emerge relating to “shadow-IT,” a lack of systems planning and insight, and a lack of general data and information strategy. This can lead to: information sprawl, a large threat footprint, and a general lack of cyber security practices.

Where to start?

Even though recent high-profile ransomware and data theft attacks have brought cyber security concerns into the public eye, our conversations with clients and the larger community suggest that there is a strong attitude of “it won’t happen to us,” paired with a lack of knowing where to start.

Don’t let “it won’t happen to us” distract you from taking the first steps to protect your company.

Taking the first step can seem daunting due to other common obstacles. Lack of awareness could mean that your management or board are not supportive. Perhaps your employees seem unwilling to change. How do you know that you have the right resources and guidance?

How Real World Can Help

Cyber security is not just about technology. People, processes and technology are needed to provide a safe and secure environment for your business. Real World provides a full range of services to provide end-to-end solutions. Explore Real World’s cyber security services below, and speak to our team members about a solution to keep your business safe.

Real World Technology’s Cyber Security Services: 

  • Cyber Security Business Connect and Protect Initiative
  • Cyber Security white label template resources
  • Cyber-readiness assessment
  • Cyber Security technology consulting 
  • Cyber Security training and awareness webinars

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