NSW P&C Association E-mail Transition

If you found out on the 9th October you had until the 13th October (and then another month) to migrate to a new email service, you might be panicking. While the process isn’t too complicated, understanding how to set up Microsoft 365 or Google’s NFP process can be complex and confusing.

We’re here to help.

Real World provides NFP setup services for Microsoft 365 every day for our customers. If you would like professional assistance with getting your environment configured, purchasing and/or configuring your domain, migrating your email data from an email backup, and configuring security defaults we can help you out. We are a Microsoft Partner with over 25 years in the NFP eco-system.

Microsoft provides Australian registered NFPs up to 10 Microsoft 365 Business Premium accounts and up to 300 Microsoft 365 Business Basic accounts for free as part of their NFP program. They also provide up to $2000 of Azure Credits.

Our 365 setup service usually costs NFP’s $599, but for P&C associations we are offering a special price of $299 for the setup and basic configuration.

Our service includes:

  • Assistance with registering your organisation with Microsoft if you have not already done so
  • Connection of your chosen domain name and configuring Microsoft as your DNS Hosting Provider
  • Configuration of up to 5 named user accounts and 5 shared mailboxes
  • Configuration of Multifactor Authentication and Security Defaults for your users
  • Configuration of Self Service Password Reset
  • 30 minutes of IT support for getting up and running

Please Note: You do not have to pay us to do this, you can do it yourself.

Our team are experts in helping organisations transition to new Microsoft 365 environments and work with this technology every day. By having an expert team help you set up your environment, you can be sure it is set up correctly according to best practice, and you also have a professional team to fall back on if you have any problems in the future.

If you don’t own your own domain name, Real World can help you with Domain Registration from $49 per 2 years for a .org.au domain. These domains are available to any organisation with an ABN and an ACNC registration.

We can assist you with migrating Email Accounts (PST exports) or One Drive Data. Other services (such as SharePoint Data, Microsoft Forms or Power Automate) do not provide easy migration options – particularly from Shared Microsoft 365 Tenancies. If you have concerns about this please chat to us about what might be possible.

Our standard NFP Support Rate is $165 per hour including GST. We’re running a special for NSW P&C associations at $132 per hour including GST. Our team can help you work out a sensible number of support hours for your project.

Our services are pre-paid, requiring an up-front payment via Credit Card or Bank Transfer. We would recommend that an executive member organise payment this way. If there are particular circumstances that make this impossible (we are aware that this may be the case) please have a conversation with us.

We are aware that standard P&C rules require minimum notice for meetings, and that organising meetings on short timeframes is difficult for many groups, and may not even be possible in the time frames currently provided. Provided you can get written agreement from your executive team, we will work with any organisation who is then unable to obtain approval from their general meeting within 45 days of agreeing to proceed to reimburse any costs from Real World relating to migration.

Any external costs (such as domain registration) will unfortunately not be refundable.

NFP approvals from Microsoft can take anywhere from 4 – 5 hours to 10 – 14 business days. Once this is done, there are a number of mechanical processes which need to be completed, which depending on a range of factors usually take 2 – 3 business days. You will be able to start accessing your new account as soon as your domain is connected and user accounts are created, however we recommend that you wait to onboard users until multi-factor authentication is correctly configured.

Modern systems, such as Microsoft 365 like “people” not “roles”. This is because security of email accounts, data and information needs to be attached to a person. Securing data this way means that if an individual leaves your organisation, or steps down from a role you can lock their account. A “Shared” mailbox or account is a “virtual” user that can receive and send e-mail. These are recommended for “role” positions such as President, Vice President, Secretary, or Treasurer. One or several users can be given access to these “shared” mailboxes helping manage workflow.

Most P&Cs deal with confidential data via their email accounts and sharepoint sites. Whether it be information about fundraising, confidential information about parents, children or their community, Working With Children Details, or financial records – much of the data a P&C holds is sensitive.

Multi-Factor Authentication helps protect your Microsoft Account against Compromise by ensuring that someone needs at least two things to be able to gain access to your account. In the event that someone finds out or guesses your password, Mutli-Factor authentication means they also need your phone or other device to be able to access your data.

Absolutely! And we encourage you to do so! If you have the skills in your parent community to set this up then go for it!

If we help you set up your environment we can help you if you need it. With your consent, we can set up Microsoft Partner support to allow secure support assistance with account creation, system activities and more.

Microsoft does not back up your Microsoft 365 environment. It’s a good idea to put in place a backup solution so that if your data is lost you have a way to recover it. If you are storing data that you can’t afford to lose, you can chat to us about our Veeam for Microsoft 365 backup solution. This is a cost-effective (but not free) way to back up your Teams, email and Sharepoint data.

Google Workspace (the successor to GSuite) offers an NFP discount program. This is not available through their partners (like Real World), and they do not offer partner based support for this program.