Thirdlane PBX

Get the most from your Asterisk PBX with Thirdlane management


Thirdlane PBX unleashes the power of Asterisk with a simple management interface, giving you a powerful system that is easy to install, customise and manage. Thirdlane PBX is extendable, boasts a powerful phone auto-provisioning system and provides a user friendly interface to all the features you expect from an enterprise grade PBX.

Core PBX Features


  • Internationalization with Multiple-Language Support
  • User Extensions
  • Feature Codes
  • Special Lines
  • Special Mailboxes
  • Multiple Phones per Extension
  • Virtual Extensions
  • Call Flip (Transfer to/from Mobile)
  • DIDs and Inbound Routes
  • Schedule Based Inbound Call Routing
  • Operator Managed Inbound Call Routing
  • Multi-level IVR / Auto Attendants
  • Outbound Routes
  • Automatic Trunk Failover
  • Music on Hold – System Wide or per User Extension
  • Extension Monitoring (presence or BLF)
  • Dialing Permissions (Groups and per Extension)
  • Ring Groups
  • Hunt Lists (lists of Ring Groups)
  • Dial By Name Directory
  • Integration with Overhead Paging Systems
  • Phone-to-Phone Intercom
  • Corporate Contact Directory with Click-to-Call
  • Salesforce, Zoho, Sugar CRM Integration / Screen Pops
  • Call Parking
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Screening
  • Call Recording


Connectivity and Device Support


  • SIP / IAX / Analog / T1 / PRI Trunks
  • SIP / IAX / Analog Handsets / Extensions

Administration Tools


  • Communications Manager – web based Management GUI
  • Communications Manager User Portal – web portal for each User Extension

Voicemail Features


  • Voicemail to Email Forwarding
  • Message Waiting Indicator
  • Multiple Voicemail Folders
  • Web Access to Voicemail

Call Features


  • Caller ID Modification
  • Distinctive Ring for Internal/External Calls
  • Attended Transfer
  • Blind Transfer
  • Call Parking
  • Group Call Pickup
  • Directed Call Pickup





Built to take advantage of the proven stability of Asterisk 1.8 and 11, Thirdlane PBX uses best of breed Asterisk configuration to ensure that you get a fully-featured, performant PBX platform.

Fast Configuration


System wide templates and bulk provisioning of user extensions and related devices greatly reduce PBX configuration time.



Extend the system through Thirdlane PBX’s unique, script-based approach. Thirdlane PBX’s Script Library can be extended by users to include unlimited new PBX features.

Cost Effective


SIP or IAX2 voice termination available supporting a wide range of IP PBX systems including Digium Asterisk, Cisco, SwitchVox, Mitel and more.

Easy to Use


No special knowledge of Linux or Asterisk is required for day-to-day operations, so management functions can be performed by regular staff.

Multi-tenant Capable


Thirdlane MTE allows you to easily build and manage virtual PBX systems for several customers, each with their own trunks and extensions, on a single Asterisk instance