Appointing an Authorised Representitive

You may appoint an authorised representative to contact us on your behalf for account updates, complaints/disputes or service orders. To appoint an authorised representative, please submit us a letter in writing identifying:


  • The person/company/organisation that is authorising the representative (i.e. you)
  • The services for which the third party is authorised to act on. You should reference the service ID and account ID. If you don’t know these, or can’t find them please contact us on 1300 798 718.
  • The actions for which the third party is authorised to act (e.g. disputes, account detail updates, service orders)
  • The date that the authorisation takes place
  • Your contact details for any queries regarding this


Please submit the letter via Fax to 02 9037 0591 or post to PO Box 1375, Macquarie Centre PO, North Ryde NSW 2113.


Once we receive your authorisation, we will contact you to verify the details. From time to time, we may additionally request you to confirm the nominated party has your authority to perform certain actions on your account if it is deemed necessary by our staff.